martes, 8 de septiembre de 2015

Being Latin in the USA

By Maibort Petit

In an article from USA Today,  Hispanics and blacks are not getting equal pay for equal work in the high-tech industry. That's the finding of new research that shows Hispanics earn $16,353 a year less on average than their colleagues who are not Hispanic. Blacks made $3,656 than white workers in the same field. In summary Hispanics working in the USA are on a different pay scale than the rest of the country.

They also are passed over when it comes to promotions. When it comes to job interviews and selection of resumes, the Spanish name at the top of the resume hurts an applicants chances.

The AFL-CIO came out with a report that said, Although Latino's wages increased, they continue to earn smaller wages than other ethnic groups." The situation for the elderly is even more dire. The amount of latino elderly living in poverty in the USA is twice the percentage than it is for whites.
The USA has always considered itself an ethical country made from a melting out of diverse people and nations needs to find a way to fix this inequity. Presently one out of five children born in our country is from Hispanic descent. Predictions are that in a few years, that will rise to two out of five children. 

If we want our country to prosper and continue to be the greatest economic super power on the planet, we can not have our Latino Americans treated as second class citizens when it comes to pay.

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