martes, 8 de septiembre de 2015

Where is Latin American in the american news ?

By Maibort Petit

I was watching all the different  english speaking political views on TV cable news, FOX, MSNBS and CNN. What did they all have in common despite their differences. They were all concerned about the crises in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. There are millions of people fleeing horrible conditions. This is a true humanity crisis.

At the same time, there are major debates on the Latin undocumented situation in the USA. We do not see in the news , the human crisis in Venezuela, in Cuba and Honduras. These Latin American undocumented in US did not come her because they are criminals wanting to break the law. They came here because they had no other choice. In countries like Venezuela and Cuba the government will jail you because you do not agree with them. In Venezuela there is no food for citizens, there is no medication. Murder rates are the among the worst on the planet. You could get killed for your car battery.   

Along the Mexican border, many are from Honduras. Many are them are unaccompanied children escaping. Hoping to have a normal life. Hoping to be able to get food, medication. Hoping just to be able to live. Yet, we see none of this on the english speaking American news. We see horrible human situations all over the world. Yes, they are horrible situations. But what about the human crisis in our own continent? Why do we worry more about dying people in Syria and ignore the children dying of cancer in Venezuela where they have no medication to save their lives. Where getting a cold can be a death sentence. 

It is important for our news outlets in America to cover the world's human crisis. The News commentators talk about taking in refugees from the middle east while at the same time, they want to throw out the refugees from our own continent. But Priority in American news should be given  to what is happening in their own continent. Remember, charity should begin at home first.  

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